Fire Pits | Landscaping
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Northland (Regular) – Round

Gather around a crackling fire of warmth and flickering light and toast up some marshmallows. Belluz Concrete is now offering concrete fire pits that allow you to build up “rings” of four durable interlocking pieces of concrete that creates a secure fire area in your backyard. Select the desired amount of rings to go with the 2½” tall finishing capstone to achieve the perfect height for your fire pit.

  • Comes in coloured finishes
  • All season and weather resistant
  • Customize height by adding rings
  • Optional dome spark catcher

OPTIONAL metal insert for added protection
The mix design of the concrete has been perfected to withstand the heat of your fires. Add the optional custom steel ring with flange that will make an air void to prevent direct contact between the blocks and flames. The large capstone naturally creates a 10” buffer zone between you and the fire. Long story short, our Rustic Fire PIts are safe and built to last!


  • Inside Diameter 31”
  • Outside Diameter 44”-48”
  • Rings are 4” high x 5” wide (4 per row)
  • Capstone is 2 ½” high x 7” wide (4 per row)

Product Brochure: Download PDF

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